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Neet Preparation Tips-10 Tips to Crack NEET 2018 In first Attempt

10 Tips to Crack NEET 2018 In the first Attempt

How to prepare for NEET 2018 in one year, is the common Question asked by many neet aspirants. Keeping this in mind we are writing an article on NEET Preparation strategies and tips to crack this medical entrance exam.More than 10 lakh students apply every year for around 1 lakh seats so the competition is very high so students should approach right way to crack NEET in one year.

neet exam prepartion tips 2018

To succeed in any competitive examination one should be very clear with syllabus
Here we are providing neet preparation tips from toppers and subject experts .we will guide you on how to choose neet online coaching & neet study material, Books to read for neet exam.  Before starting, NEET Exam preparation aspirants should collect complete NEET 2018 Syllabus       

Following steps to be followed while preparing for NEET examination.This will help you to crack NEET exam in your first attempt.

1.) Gather Right study material.

Right study material is the key to success in any in any competitive exam, so Gather Good study material. Don't Purchase all the books that you see in the market, select neet books wisely. 
Never skip NCERT Books. Every Aspirant Must Read NCERT Books but, Don’t confine / Limit your Neet preparation with NCERT Books, But also follow Recommended books for neet exam preparation.

2.) Read all topics by considering all are important in exam point of view. Give equal weightage to all topics.Never Make your own assumptions on which is important and which is not important. Follow according to the syllabus prescribed by CBSE Board if you don't have syllabus copy click here to Download complete neet syllabus in pdf.

3.) While preparing for the exam, make self-notes in your own way. The art of note making also plays a crucial role in cracking NEET Exam. This helps for quick revision before the NEET 2018 examination and saves a lot of time.

If you want to improve your memory skills then it is mandatory to prepare notes while studying. Notes-making is one of the most important elements in preparing any exam. it plays a crucial role at the time of revision. Candidates should write down all the important notes in a separate notebook which will be useful for revision before the examination. Candidates should note down the points clearly as it will help them to avoid confusion during the time of revision. Each student can develop note-taking strategies which fit best according to their learning style

4.) Create your own study plan/ Timetable and divide the topics to be covered on weekly and monthly basis And complete them as per the timetable.

5.) Solve Previous year NEET Question papers and model papers regularly After completing every topic. Analyze your weak areas and practice more on that topic. Ask subject experts and seniors for any doubts To succeed in examination one should know their weak areas and should work on it in a planned manner. so focus on your weak Areas.

A student can be very strong on one topic and relatively weaker in another but they should not be demotivated with this. So, you need to identify your weak part, and then try to improve it They should work harder on the sections in which they are weak and should try to strengthen them.
Aspirants have to takeNEET Test series and should write at least 1 grand test every week .and also should try to solve NEET sample papers and previous year’s question paper to examine their weaker sections and should dedicate more time on those weaker sections.

6.) Practice makes a man perfect.

Always Reading Books without practicing doesn't work.You should practice After learning a formula or concept, try to practice on that formulas if you practice more you will easily remember that formula.
7.) It is also important to Revise topics periodically based on the flexibility of aspirant ( ON DAY TO DAY BASIS OR WEEKLY BASIS ). But Revision is a must. If u miss revising any topic you have to read it again it will become a more difficult task to read again and also consumes a lot of time.

8.) Maintain your health. You can't concentrate on exams with your ill health. avoid junk food. Take balanced diet including egg, milk, nuts etc.  Make a habit of doing exercise yoga or pranayama. 

9.) Set Your Preferences
Have you thought about what you want to be doing in five years' time? Are you clear about what your main objective at work is at the moment? Do you know what you want to have achieved by the end of today? There are certain things in life, which you cannot manage to miss, set time for them in advance. For everything else, we are not saying that just to stop doing them, but minimise them for the sake of NEET.
10.) Positive Outlook
Success in NEET is largely depended upon your hard work, perseverance, trust and conceptual ability to crack the exam, How to think positive while studying? Studying is something that can make a lot of people very anxious, especially if it is a very important test or exam that you are trying to prepare for. So if you want to be a conqueror in this exam, don't lose your patience and be convinced that neet exam is similar to other several exams which you have appeared so far. Also, keep yourself concentrated and appear in this exam with positive attitude contemplating that you are moving for the success. This is the psychological battle which starts before the real battle comes in. Every battle is first won in the mind. So if your mind is conceiving that 'you can', you are certainly going to crack the NEET 2018. You must have to come out from the exam anxiety.

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